IT’S NOT TOO LATE – A Christian Play based on the Columbine Tragedy

IT’S NOT TOO LATE is a Christian play – a musical drama – based on the Columbine tragedy – a story of decisions people make about God – a play I wrote in 2000 in response to this terrible event.

The most important choice we make in life is the one we make about God. It’s a decision that affects our lives. It also affects the lives of others. The message of this Christian play is simple: For some, it’s too late to take a different path in life. But It’s Not Too Late for you!! 

This play has been performed by over 250 Christian drama ministries worldwide. It runs about 60 minutes and takes a cast of 11-12. It can be performed as a musical or a drama. Scripts, music, CD’s, and DVD’s are available for purchase.

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