About this blog

I’ve been troubled for a long time by the way that some Christians come to an understanding of what the Bible says. It seems to me that too many Christians rely on what others have to say about God’s Word rather than systematically reading and studying it on their own. The intent of this blog is to dissect some of the passages of Scripture that I believe are not properly understood and to try make sense of them in the context of when and why they were written. In the process, I hope that the reader will be challenged to consider these passages in a new and hopefully more enlightened way.

I’ve titled this blog, “As I see it today,” because I’ve found over the years that even though I have good intentions when it comes to understanding God’s Word, what I conclude God meant about a particular passage may change as I continue to explore His Word and grow in my faith.

I’ve also included in this blog some of the opinion pieces and guest editorials I’ve submitted to local newspapers over the years as well as some other papers I’ve written on Christian topics.

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