About this blog

Over the years I’ve been troubled by the way that Christians come to an understanding of what certain passages in the Bible mean. As I see it today, the biggest problem is that they depend too much on what some book, writer, or teacher has to say about the Bible rather than systematically reading and studying the Bible on their own. The intent of this blog is to focus on passages of Scripture that I believe are not well understood by Christians and to try to make sense of them in the context of when and why they were written.

I’ve titled this blog, “As I see it today,” because I’ve found over the years that even though I have good intentions when it comes to understanding God’s Word, what I conclude that God meant as He inspired the writer often changes as I continue to explore the entirety of God’s Word and listen to what others have to say about it as well. “As I see it today” is in this sense a disclaimer as what I’m writing is based on my best understanding of Scripture today. I may (and probably will) change my mind about some of what some of these passages mean as I grow more and more in my faith and understanding of God’s Word.

You’ll also find in this blog a sampling of opinion pieces and guest editorials I’ve written for some of the newspapers in my area as well as some other papers I’ve written on Christian topics.



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