The End Times

This page provides links to posts I’ve written that discuss my understanding of passages or issues regarding the end-times. They are listed in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).

Is the premise of the “Before the Wrath” DVD biblical?

This post summarizes the reasons I found some of the teachings of the DVD, “Before the Wrath,” promotes to be questionable and why “After the Wrath” seems to make more sense when it comes to certain events of the end-times.

Warning to Christians:  We may be here for the duration!

This post explains what the parable of the wheat and weeds found it Matthew 13:24-30 tells us about the end-times and what Christians can expect as they wait for the return of Jesus. It supports my conclusion that Christians will not be separated from those who aren’t until the very end – until the harvest  – and that in the meantime we will experience or witness most of the events that the Bible says will characterize the end-times.

The three accounts of the return of Jesus in the Book of Revelation

This post supports my contention that there are at least three different accounts in the Book of Revelation of the return of Jesus and the events that precede it. It does this by highlighting the symbols used to describe the return of Jesus in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, by noting some other end-time passages where these same symbols occur including Revelation 11:15-18, 14:14-20, and 20:4-6, and by determining from this event all the passages discussed are most likely referring to.

Why the parable of the thief coming in the night may be a warning to Christians

This post, based on Matthew 24:42-44 and several other passages that compare Jesus’ return with the coming of a thief at night,  notes my reasons for believing that Jesus’ return – like a thief coming in the night – may not be good news for Christians who are unprepared for it. It also notes what Christians can do if they want to be prepared for this event

Jesus’ return will be visible to everyone

This post, based on my understanding of Matthew 24:1-30 and Luke 21:5-28, supports my belief that Jesus will return only once, that when He does that it will be an event visible to everyone, and that what follows will result in immediate and dire consequences for those unprepared.

Why those “taken away” when Jesus may not be Christians

This article, based on Matthew 24:36 — Matthew 25:42,  discusses why I’ve concluded that those “taken away” when Jesus’ returns will be nonbelievers – those who haven’t made a personal commitment to Jesus – and those “left” or “left behind” will be Christians.

Three Things that must happen before Jesus returns

Although their are many things that will happen before Jesus returns, as I see it today, there are only three things that must happen. This post notes what those three things and how we can best prepare as we wait for them to occur.

The Church may not be the Bride of Christ

This post, based on my understanding of Revelation 19:6-9, supports why I believe that it is Israel and not the Church that is the Bride of Christ

The Mark of the Beast May Be an Issue Only For Christians

This post supports my belief that the Mark of the Beast referenced in Revelation 13:11-17 is not something that can or will affect non-believers; it is something that can only affect those who claim to have a saving relationship with Jesus.

Is Revelation describing events that will occur PRIOR to the return of Jesus?

I believe that Revelation is describing for the most part events Christians will experience prior to the return of Jesus. This post explains how knowing this can help in understanding the urgency of John’s plea to read, hear, and take to heart what is revealed in this enigmatic book.

Who Are the Rightful Heirs of the Land of Israel

This post was written in response to a writer who suggested that Israel no longer has a right to claim ownership of any portion of the land of Israel.

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